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Experience Beyond Remodeling - A Home Builder

There are many aspects to remodeling a home or condo, but there are so many more challenges when it comes to being a Home Builder.  Detailed designs are more complex along with ensuring you meet all zoning regulations and building code requirements. Then we must focus on the foundation, piping and electrical before even one wall goes up.  And while remodeling can be hard, there is no way it can be equally compared to building a home from nothing. Why is this important?  The reason is that someone who has the diversity as both a home builder and a remodeler can bring comfort to a homeowner that we are able to handle whatever unknown remodeling factors arise.

Corsair Property Solutions was one such company where we were previously a builder.

This home was built in Red Wing, Minnesota, where energy efficiency is very well appreciated, especially when winter temperatures dip below 0 deg. F for weeks at a time. This is an insulated reinforced concrete home with a wall insulation value of R-24 and the walls being so impermeable to air leakage that the home needed an air-to-air exchanger to bring some fresh air into the home in the winter.

In these next three pictures, you will see the concrete forms for the walls in-place and ready for concrete placement. Notice the reinforcement steel inside the wall cavity and the inner and outer layers of insulating foam that will be integral with the concrete core of the wall.

And in the following picture, we show the home with the walls and roof complete. Note that the walls in this type of construction can easily be made strong enough to resist hurricane force, or even tornado force winds-- stronger than either light-frame or concrete block construction.

Regardless of a Whole Home or Condo Remodel, or perhaps a focus on Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling, Corsair Property Solutions has a broad spectrum of experience to handle what is planned, and perhaps the unplanned issues.  You can rest assured you will be in good hands with your project.

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